Create a common collaborative platform for those research at the University of Vienna that are active in the field of operations research.


The cooperation should enhance the information flow between the different departments and members as well as the international networking capabilities. Improve the coordination concerning the teaching efforts and the structural (e.g. High Performance Cluster) activities of the different departments. An improved allocation of the staff and the resources are beneficial for the faculty, its students, and its researchers. The faculty will benefit by the improved research output and the stronger integration in the international scientific community. The students will be able to select in an even wider range of advanced and excellent lectures. And the researchers will have the chance to collaborate on a common platform with researcher located at the University of Vienna, another Universities in Vienna or elsewhere in the world. The center itself will also improve the chances to get external funding thru collaborations or projects.


The center will support researchers in developing third-party-funded research proposals and collaborations on national and international level. The center will also offer support for the project administration and act on its own as partner in different projects. Scientist and students will benefit from common research seminars across faculty borders and summer schools for Master and PhD students. PhD and Master students will gain expertise from various fields concerning application and theory thru a broad range of experts from different fields inside operations research.