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Welcome to the Vienna Center for Operations Research!

The Vienna Center for Operations Research (VCOR) was established in March 2017. It is part of the Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics at University of Vienna.

The objective of the VCOR is to provide a cooperative platform for all researchers (with focus on those in Vienna) active in the domain of Operations Research. Since the faculty has strong focus on quantitative methods and scientific research, operations research is one of its core competences.

Amongst others the members of the VCOR cover topics from the following main areas of operations research:

  • Decision and game theory,
  • Modelling,
  • Simulation,
  • Optimization and
  • Risk Management.

The research activities are supported by attractive Master and PhD programs.


GDO 2018

The GDO 2018 conference will be held in Vienna. For more information: here!

New research platform for "data science" at the University of Vienna

The new platform is a hub for all activities at the University of Vienna dealing with data science. The focus is especially on five areas: Astronomy, Digital Humanities, Finance, Industry 4.0, and Medical Sciences. All those application are data-driven and share a common set of methods: Computer science, mathematics, and statistics.

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